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Working on a healthy future

The high-tech medical campus on Landgoed Steenenburg is a dream come true. Initiator Jan Kelders senior has cherished the idea of a medical expertise center for many years. A place where knowledge and expertise on multiple sclerosis (MS) and state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies come together. In an inspiring environment where innovative ideas surface and grow. The expertise center Steenenburg will be the beating heart of the campus.

Pioneering Steenenburg

On campus everything is about working together and exchanging ideas. This ensures productivity and success. For every single company, but as well as a whole. The campus will be home to (international) companies, knowledge institutes and training centers in the area of:

  • research, development, diagnostics and treatment of brain disease;
  • development, production and reparation of medical and optical equipment.

A unique and convenient location

An inspiring area in the woods and marshlands, yet close to highway A59. The ideal location for medical research, healthcare and innovation. No wonder that the expertise center Steenenburg has chosen this location for their extraordinary work on neurological conditions. The center is (both literally and symbolically) the beating heart of this high-tech medical campus.

The heart of the campus

In close cooperation with the hospital Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis, Jan Kelders senior will build an extensive network with national and international knowledge and healthcare institutions, patient organizations and businesses. With the shared ambition of improving diagnostics and treatment and ultimately curing neurological conditions. A sophisticated campus focusing on knowledge sharing, mutual support and the improvement of public health.

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In the woods: Campus West

Campus West will be deeply nested in the woods. With abstract buildings seemingly disappearing in the lush surrounding.

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Image: JMW architecten

Open fields: Campus Oost

East of the expertise center in the open grasslands Campus Oost is emerging. Modern building in flowing shapes will offer inspirational working spaces. A place full of energy for entrepreneurs in the field of medicine.

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Image: Wissing & Jansen gebiedsinnovatie