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Persons involved

Mart van der Poel, council member

Over the past centuries Landgoed Steenenburg has had different functions and owners. The municipality bought the estate in 2008 due to its unique scenery and cultural heritage. During the search for a new purpose for this important area within the municipality borders the team met Jan Kelders senior. The municipality was moved by his mission of realizing a medical campus for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and research. By combining dreams, the cultural and environmental heritage of this area is preserved and restored while developing the estate into an extraordinary work and living area. As responsible council members Mart van der Poel is delighted that this beautiful area will finally get a new purpose for the residents of Heusden.

Jan Kelders senior, initiator

Already for more than 7 years, Jan Kelders senior has worked on realizing his dream: opening a high-tech medical campus for multiple sclerosis on Landgoed Steenenburg. To achieve this, he has worked closely with the municipality of Heusden and especially with council member Mart van der Poel for many years. Additionally, Jan Kelders senior has collaborated with the Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis in Den Bosch on his plans. At the JBZ hospital he was responsible for opening the oncological center MOC. Besides, in cooperation with ID Coil BV he has been working successfully on other medical projects focused on the development of new technologies for MRI scans.

Rick Dusée, project manager Landgoed Steenenburg, municipality of Heusden

The area around the castle has a fascinating story. The goals is to continue this story by creating unique working, living and recreational spaces in a natural and historical environment. Where everyone feels welcome and where you experience peace and quietness close to home. Where medical advancements are made which will improve the health of people from and outside the Netherlands. Landgoegd Steenenburg is even more than all this, but you should come experience it yourself. Together with the entire team Rick Dusée works hard and with a lot of enthusiasm on making their ideas reality.

Peter van der Borgt, project director Landgoed Steenenburg

Peter van der Borgt of Di Support BV is involved in the redevelopment of Landgoed Steenenburg in different roles for a longer period already. Together with Jan Kelders and the municipality of Heusden he has initiated the project. He acts as a connector between the initiator, the municipality and third parties while monitoring the private-public cooperations. 

Mieke van Oort, manager Landgoed Steenenburg, municipality of Heusden

As manager of Landgoed Steenenburg Mieke van Oort is ‘the spider in the web’ and usually the first contact for residents and visitors. Additionally, she is responsible for landscape design and maintenance. Do not hesitate to contact her if you have any questions regarding the management of the estate.

Oscar van Limburg, urban planner Jan Kelders Beheer BV

Since the moment that Jan Kelders senior expressed his dream of a high-tech medical campus on Landgoed Steenenburg Oscar van Limburg has overseen the process of developing a vision for the estate. Now that the land use plan has been confirmed the development of the campus can start. As an urban planner Oscar van Limburg is involved in the realization of the project. He is delighted that he can use his expertise to make Jan Kelders senior’s vision become reality.

Parties involved

ID Coil BV

Specialized in coils for MRI scanners the company focuses on finding the best possible way to use MRI scanners for different target groups to make the scan as comfortable and quick as possible.

Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis

The specialists of the multiple sclerosis expertise center at the hospital Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis will help to build the Steenenburg expertise center.

De Kavelwinkel

Responsible for the sale of free lots on Landgoed Steenenburg. For any questions regarding available lots and the sales process, please visit or call +31 (0)73 513 17 89 (municipality of Heusden).

Klijsen Makelaars & Adviseurs

Realtor Klijsen Makelaars & Adviseurs supports De Kavelwinkel with the sale of the lots. Please visit for more information.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.