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Historical heritage in a green oasis of peace and quiet

Come hear the pool frogs croak in the castle’s pond, greet the stone soldiers, wander through the tranquil marshlands, and admire Castle d’Oultremont. Landgoed Steenenburg is a wooded estate with a unique history. The perfect place to wind down in nature. Head out and explore the scenery that feels right out of a fairytale.

Admire Castle d’Oultremont

The undeniable highlight of Landgoed Steenenburg is Castle d’Oultremont. Once painted in pink it has now been restored to its original glory. A historical place to meet and relax in the heart of the estate.

Once upon a time barons and lords and countesses wandered on these paths over the estate.

Enjoy natural beauty

Walk down the historical Kasteellaan with its glorious old beeches, hear the bees buzz and the frog croak.  Woodlands alternate with grasslands and water. The latter are home to water birds such as the colorful mandarin duck. A world to dwell in.

Meet Napoleon’s soldiers

For a long time already, French soldiers have been guarding the estate. Frozen in time they stand in the castle’s pond. Icons of olden times, they revive memories and attract the viewfinders of many cameras. They share the pond with frogs, toads and salamanders. Will you pay them a visit?

The stone soldiers remind us of a time when children were reigning over this land.

Wander through space and time

Do you recognize places from a time long gone? Put on your hiking boots and choose one of the many paths. Where will it lead you? Through the woods, over grasslands and passing historic landmarks. Old memories will come alive while you make new ones. The extraordinary nature of Landgoed Steenenburg invites you for a hike. Alone, together or with your favorite four-footer.