Plan Steenenburg

What will be the new purpose of former amusement park Land van Ooit? Over the past years we have made ambitious plans together with our partner Kelders Beheer. Now that the land use plan has been confirmed, we can continue our work. Together we want to develop Landgoed Steenenburg into a unique living and working area with allure!

Future development
The so-called Plan Steenenburg stipulates:

  • in the north: a high-tech medical campus
  • in the center: max. 120 (care) apartments, max. 50 patio homes as well as the repurposing of the Castle d'Oultremont
  • in the south: 56 spacious building lots for luxury living

High-tech medical campus specialized in multiple sclerosis
To deliver the best possible care for people with MS and together push the boundaries. That is the intention that drives Jan Kelders senior of Kelders Beheer and the specialist of the hospital Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis. Together they work on realizing an expertise center in Drunen. A new concept in the Netherlands that originated from an inspiring collaboration with the aim of combining high quality healthcare, innovation driven by entrepreneurs, and scientific research. Combined under one roof in a healing environment on the beautiful estate. Read more about the background of this collaboration and the medical campus.

Around Castle d'Oultremont
Castle d'Oultremont lies in the heart of the estate. The castle has recently been restored to its original glory and will be the center of life for the area. The new apartment buildings will be located west of the castle while patio homes will be built on the current parking lot. The municipality and Kelders Beheer are working on plans for this area.

Building lots
We’re busy organizing the sales of the first building lots for luxury living. The first round of sales will start on October 8, 2021.

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